A bad day to have a bad day

Came home yesterday to my host mom telling us that we’re not going to have gas in our building for the next six months, or for me, the rest of my stay. Apparently the building owner is boycotting the gas company or something outrageous like that. Anyone who knows anything about my life knows that this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’ll survive, but needless to say, I might smell a little worse a little more frequently than I did before.

I’ve also been a little down lately because all of my friends are planning awesome trips around the country and continent and I can’t do any of them for a lack of funds. It’s really disappointing hearing about all of their experiences and plans when I’m stuck in Buenos Aires, and it’s really easy to resent them for having more money than me. But recently I had the revelation that I’m not STUCK in Buenos Aires- I’m damn blessed to be here. If you would have told my poverty-stricken self three years ago that I would be in this country right now, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am so lucky to have the opportunity of living in a foreign country and bettering myself in a way that no other experience can. I am learning so many valuable life lessons and have already become a much more understanding, patient, knowledgeable person for having lived here. Just gotta remind myself of that sometimes.

It’s also midterms this week, so these days have been a bit stressful. Waking up this morning was one of those days where even the color of the walls bothers you. STUPID EGGSHELL WHITE GO BACK TO YOUR FARM. Anyway, I was trying really hard to have a bad day. Turns out life had other plans for me.

Things I saw on my walk to school that made me grateful for my flawed life:

1) A lack of degrading and quick-lipped construction workers

2) Three people sleeping in the park- I’m lucky to have a bed and four walls and lots of fuzzy socks!

3) A freshly stepped-in pile of dog poop

4) An old woman in a wheelchair helping a young blind man cross the street

5) A dog wearing a Gap sweatshirt

What’s that saying about if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back? I would rather be in my showerless situation than be a rude construction worker, sleep in the park, step in dog poop, be immobile, be blind, or be a dog wearing a Gap sweatshirt. I’m not a very spiritual person, but today it really felt as though the world was trying to prove something to me. So, here’s to going with the flow and enjoying whatever life throws at me.

dog sweater